Modern design panel heater for both portable and wall-mounted usage.

WilL steel can keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the whole day and night, as it is safe to leave the heater on also while you are sleeping or away. this elegant steel heater has a QUIET OPERATION, meaning you can enjoy the comfortable heat without any distractions.

This heater is perfect for your bathroom as it is ip22 approved for use in bathrooms outside shower zone.

The stunning and sophisticated design of Will Convection will seamlessly blend in with any interior. The rounded edges combined with the slightly curved front gives the heater an elegant expression. If you want to use the heater as an integrated heating source as they do in Northern Europe, you can order a wall-bracket for wall-mounted usage. However, there are supplied feet that comes with the heater, as this model has been customized for the Chinese market, ensuring you convenient portable usage.

THIS HEATER IS IP22 APPROVED FOR USE IN bathrooms outside the shower zonE.


Scandinavia, known for its long winters and cool climate prefers convection heating; cold air is heated as it goes through the heating element, the hot air increases in volume and rise, making room for new cold air to come through, efficiently heating up the room.

Will Steel operates quietly and effectively, so you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home without any distractions.

Will Steel has a mechanical thermostat that is easy to use.

The X-aluminum heating element used in Will Steel has a low surface temperature, which means it will not dry out the air.

The overheat protection automatically turns off the heater if the heat emission is obstructed, ensuring safely usage of the product.

  • Convection heating – a preferred heating technology in Scandinavia
  • X-aluminum heating element – high efficiency and low surface temperature
  • Mechanical thermostat – easy operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Power: 1500 Watt
  • White plastic feet for portable usage
  • Wall-bracket for wall-mounted usage
  • Cord: white, 150 cm
  • Placement cord: right side
  • Over heat protection
  • IP classification: IP22 – approved for use in bathrooms outside the shower zone.
  • Product size (W x D x H cm): 85,0 x 9,8 x 40,0 cm

Always mount feet before use.

Do not cover to avoid overheating.

When using the heater for the first time an odor may occur, which is common for all types of heaters. This is normal and by no means harmful. For the first 20 minutes when using the heater for the first time we recommend that you have good ventilation in the room.